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The Transformational Speakers Gym

The Transformational Speakers Gym led by award-winning theatrical director and John Maxwell Certified Performance Coach, Richard Mover creates an opportunity for everyone to practice and “work out” individual communication skills concerns, speaking issues and platforms with a professional performance coach. It also unmasks and inspires the discovery of individual gifts and innate abilities while also getting hands-on help with individual communicative limitations either self-imposed or otherwise. This process provides transformative tools to help individuals annunciate their value with clarity and confidence. It serves as an open space free of judgement, where people at different levels, from diverse backgrounds have the chance to experiment and practice speaking with direct, constructive, and creative feedback.


The Transformational Speakers Gym helps every individual who chooses to use it step out of their comfort zones, engage in creative risk-taking, and expand and enhance their emotional range and freedom of expression. It offers specific guidance and collaborative assistance with the personal development of specific speaking styles based on individual assessments. We assist in the mining, structuring, and highlighting of storytelling points while creating nuance, dimension and emotional equilibrium in the delivery. Ultimately, the Gym serves as a process to becoming more connected and captivating as communicators.


 Techniques and exercises are used to avoid self-consciousness when speaking and most importantly, to establish and sustain a deep and rich emotional connection that resonates with audiences of all kinds, cultures, and sizes. This one-on-one personalized “experiential” approach serves as a catalyst for growth, to keep individuals at all levels developing confidence as communicators and continuously evolving.


Zoom sessions are offered to both individuals and groups where they are encouraged to gather and practice their speaking with each other while a coach oversees and supervises. This procedure provides a platform where individuals can “practice” communicating while getting immediate feedback that can help them with the moment-to-moment aspects of connecting to their audience. Ultimately, adding this training enhances their ability to express themselves with more range and empowers them to resonate and connect with an intensified visceral effect. It also activates creative out-of-the-box thinking and opens fresh approaches to speaking and communication in general. The objective here is to provide you and your team with a unique option that can add tremendous value and make a real impact in the forward moving momentum in the lives, both personally and professionally of your team.



Some of the valuable tools and trainings would consist of the following:


  • Improvisational techniques, increasing verbal agility, playing the positive, using imagery, imagination metaphors and analogies, discovering and/or re-igniting passion, acquiring personal presence, amplifying subtextual awareness - knowing what lies beneath your words. Addressing the use of quotes, humor and/or irony in speaking platforms.

  • Knowing, understanding, and preparing for specific audiences.

  • Using the concept of ‘the magic if’ to unlock the power of imagination and creative out of the box thinking and speaking.

  • Practicing answering difficult questions.

  • Pursuing an objective and developing the art of adaptation.

  • Cultivating a sense of urgency. How personalization’s and specificity of purpose enhance your connection with your audience.

  • The emotional appeal in storytelling. Defining and locating “the heart” of your story and ensuring its connection with the heart of your audience.

  • Exploring and manifesting the 5 Keys to becoming a magnetic communicator. Authenticity, transparency, passion, purpose, and cultivating a message much larger than yourself.

  • Expanding the range of expression when speaking. Creating emotional “hills and valley’s”. Understanding the power of nuance, transitions, pauses, and silences and how to make them speak volumes.

  • Focusing Energy. Comprehending the difference between nervousness and adrenaline, and how to harness that energy to free yourself from self-consciousness on stage.

  • Physical awareness and relaxation exercises. Locating where you hold tension in your body and learning how to release it.

  • Emotionally Based Script Analysis & Structuring. The trilogy of the P’s theory (the personal to the passionate to the practical) How to break down the key elements in spoken material into workable sections that help you build emotion and heighten your story to make the deepest connection possible with your audience.


Here are a few recent testimonials:


“Richard can add immense value to anyone! Any leader or client who is on the rise. He is a coaches coach, and I am a living witness of that."

—William Jones, AKA Willie J of Pure Mission Entertainment, voted by LA Weekly as the #1 entrepreneur worldwide.


“If you believe you have knowledge or experiences that are worth sharing, and want to bring them to a brilliant fruition, and communicate them with purpose and passion, I don’t believe you can do better than Richard Mover. Working with him is an enlightening and revealing experience."

—Minka Leeser, Published Author & Poet


"I highly recommend the coaching services of Richard Mover. I say coaching rather than communication coaching because he goes beyond developing you as a speaker to developing you as a whole person.  Richard is a highly gifted and talented professional with a wealth of experience which he cleverly packages in straightforward communication, humor, and profound quotes to develop individuals. For years, I struggled… but through Richard’s guidance, creativity, and collaborative endeavors, I was able to get to the root issues… and breakthrough; along the way I discovered so many more strengths I didn't realize I had! None of this would have been possible without Richard's help. I can sincerely say that when working with him, you'll not regret investing in yourself. Thank you very much Richard!”

—Kennde McCrumada, Risk Operations Manager, University of Southern California


 “I found Richard during an inquiry about Coaching, Speaking, and teaching developmental training opportunities. It was right on time since I was headed into a new position that required high-visibility and speaking engagements. I wanted to invest in myself to really hone my experience and skills to be better. Thanks to Richard’s methods, I have been able to tap into things about myself that have helped me to grow and narrow down who I am and where my passion lies. After a year of meeting with Richard, I have grown a lot and continue to improve my gifts and share them. I've learned so much about myself in the last year and a half. I owe the self-introspection to the partnership that I’ve experienced with Richard. I’m grateful for this relationship and I know it is by design that we connected." —Dee Ward, Command Chief, United States Air Force


“His name says it all, Mr. Mover has the power to quickly help you identify your fears and reMOVE them from your heart.  He helped me restore confidence and rebuild courage in just a few weeks. Mr. Mover is worth the investment." —Nilda Jimenez, Literacy Coach, National Personal Training Institute of New Jersey


Please call, text, or email me for more details. I’m happy to answer all questions when we speak. Looking forward to connecting with you soon!


Yours in Significance,


Richard Mover

Founder/ Director Performance Transformance

(917) 318-5408

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