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OPTION #1 – A Three Day live or virtual transformative workshop delving deeply into the principles & values expressed in Willie J’s best-selling book “Never Stop Winning." An exploration and examination of what lies within the mind, heart, and soul of an authentic leader & self realized “winner” in life. Pragmatic tools, techniques, affirmations, & strategies devoted to equipping & enhancing self-awareness, intentionality, integrity & accountability inherent within the development of a consistent and persistent “winning mindset."


“Willie is Truly a force to be reckoned with…an icon of empowerment…helping people

live their lives to the fullest giving them new beginnings that will turn their dreams into reality."  

—LA Wire March 31st, 2021


Willie J has been featured as a top entrepreneur in both Forbes & GQ Magazine. His company, Pure Mission Entertainment, hit #1 in the top 10 spots of NY Weekly, LA Weekly, LA Wire & US Reporter to name just a few outstanding accolades.


Here’s a link to an article in LA Wire that puts Mr. Willie J at the top of the entrepreneurial heap.

We explicate the ability to win as follows:

W… Ensuring the development of Wisdom

I…through self-reflection & gained Insight with


N… a Never-ending faith & belief in your own value & the value you can add to others. 

OPTION #2 – A One Day live or virtual workshop featuring an in-depth discussion & interactive training focusing on the values, tools & transformational ideas presented in the best-selling book “Never Stop Winning” by the amazing Willie J. The workshop will be followed by a Q&A with Willie J.


These “Never Stop Winning” Workshops are held both virtually and/or in person depending on individual or organizational circumstances and budget. Please reach out by phone, text, or email with any questions. I’ll be happy to provide more details about pricing and logistics when we connect.



Yours in Significance,


Richard Mover

Founder/Director Performance Transformance

(917) 318-5408

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