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There is a specific structure to the collaborative process I employ for creating content when developing and then ultimately delivering a transformational speaking platform. It involves a concept I call “The Trilogy of the P’s”.  The three p’s represent the personal, the passionate and the practical. In my estimation these are the three elements that are the most vitally important structural building blocks to creating cohesive communication and must be carefully and meticulously mined. They are an absolute prerequisite to making any presentation truthful, clear and compelling. First and foremost we address and crystalize your need, beyond a desire, and what is driving you personally to connect with others. You must have a visceral sense of passion and purpose to move an audience and a specific message that is much larger than yourself if you ever hope to go beyond being merely motivational and elevate into the realm of becoming truly transformational as a speaker. You must accept and embrace the notion that it is never about you and it is always about connecting with your audience on the deepest level possible if you ever hope to achieve greatness as a communicator or be infinitely influential. Reaching your full potential as a communicator involves committing to a process of exploration and discovery. We draw from our individual personal experience and those memories from the past (good, bad and ugly) that help both reveal and inform who we are in the present.


Next, we explore in detail what lit your personal fire along your journey that produced something you are truly passionate about and go into detail about where that passion has led you so far. The challenges that are faced, the adversity that is confronted, the sacrifices that are made and the blood, sweat, joy and pain that is encountered during the pursuit and fulfillment of that passion.


Finally, on this journey we call life, what are the practical lessons you’ve learned along the way, that you need to share that will serve, lift, inspire and ultimately transform other people’s lives.


This process insures we create a foundation of authenticity and transparency through the careful exploration and identification of particular personal experiences and reflections that heighten and define what’s at stake for both you and your audience. We must be committed to delivering much more than just facts, figures and statistics. It’s our responsibility to relate our story in a compelling fashion and deliver a visceral experience that cuts to the core and reaches the heart of our audience. Only then will we be able to influence them to think on a level that can produce action and transformational change.


*The creation of a 10 to 20 minute speaking platform, using this process, can take up to 12 to 16 weeks depending on time devoted outside of our sessions together.


The Process: Part 1 - Creation and Development


Week 1 through 4 — Specific goal setting and beginning work on the trilogy of the P’s. Creating the foundation by exploring the personal. Setting your conscious and subconscious into motion by locating and identifying the experiences, people, places and/or things that shaped your personal development – reflections, dreams, sense memories, traumatic experience, ecstatic experience, locations, friendships, discoveries made about yourself along the way. 

Week 5 through 8Developing the body of the speech by exploring the passionate. Locating and identifying specific moments in your life that lit, stirred or restored a fire in your heart. Stories, anecdotes and/or real-life experiences that had an undeniable and lasting influence on how you live your life and why you do what you do. How to communicate these ideas and experiences with the same inspirational energy to others. 

Week 9 through 12Exploring the practical. Delivering the message in the most compelling and emotionally impactful way possible. This is where we get to go beyond the motivational into the realm of the transformational. This is not to be thought of as the end of the speech because this is actually the beginning of the speech for the audience. This is the heart of the speech that they take with them forever. You must leave them with a feeling that they will remember viscerally. They must believe that you withheld nothing, that your only purpose in standing in front of them was for their benefit, with no agenda other than to add true value, insight and enlightenment and hopefully transform their lives and the people they care about moving forward into the future. 

Part 2 – The Performance: The Rehearsal Process 

Week 12 through 16Complete exploration and refinement of specific aspects of performance - The performance process concentrates on your range of expression and all the internal and external aspects that produce emotional impact in audiences. Going beyond the act of communicating and elevating to the art of connecting. Personal magnetism, Body language, organic gestures, movement, vocal production, tone, articulation, cadence, coloring, and modulation are all covered. I have a special emphasis on finding your personal “groove”. Creating nuance, subtlety, irony, use of humor, cadence, inflection, rhythm, pauses and creating silences that speak. We find a presentation style that works for you individually. Whether we arrive at a fully written presentation to be memorized or specific bullet points that you’re moving through extemporaneously, we will work on developing a style that prioritizes finding your original voice and vision. Together, we will seek and find the modes of expression that allow you the freedom to express your thoughts and feelings lucidly without self-consciousness, with freshness, spontaneity and the kind of emotional impact that can literally change people’s lives. 

Fee Structure

*My hourly rates are not fixed in stone and are negotiable during this time of extreme uncertainty. I work on a sliding scale taking into account each individual client’s needs, goals, priorities and budget.

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