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Emotional Intelligence Toolbox Sales Training           

Performance Transformance’s Emotional Intelligence Toolbox Sales Training equips individuals with pragmatic tools, a foundational platform, and the keys to an “artistic” process used by topflight performers who achieve consistent superlative results. The training delivers and delineates a thorough and immersive, interactive, experiential process that directly applies to, enhances, and activates sales.


There is an “art” to the sales conversation. It’s a simple equation. Someone expresses a need for something, and through active, intentional listening the “salesperson” can determine how he/she can best serve, facilitate, fill a gap or whatever the case may be. Self-examination is the most important step along the pathway to “knowing thyself”. Giving yourself a “checkup from the neck up” periodically is an important and perpetual part of any growth process. The main objective of the “salesperson” is to try to be as influential as possible so the prospective customer will make the purchase from you, instead of someone else, who can provide the same product, service, or fulfillment of the need. These are some of the questions we need to confront ourselves with. Are we influential? If so, why? and how can we expand influence? If not, why not? and what’s at the root of it? Why should someone buy from you? That is an incredibly pertinent question to ask yourself. It’s a question that requires intense introspection, internal resolve and of course, the external ability to express those thoughts to others with integrity and impact.  The result is determined by the process. To insure getting off on the right foot we must be dedicated to creating a solid foundation built on a real connection and the development of trust that can only be earned through our actions. One must be selfless and benevolent of spirit.  It’s never about what’s in it for us. The focus is always on what we can give to add value and bring about positive change in the lives of others. We never seek to impress, but always seek to bless and be blessed by providing honesty, integrity, and professionalism to every client we serve. What resonates from within will always determine the external outcome.

Learning to apply a servant leaders’ mindset and heartset to difficult people and/or situations will always transport you to a triumphant result no matter how dire or uncertain the circumstances may appear to be on the surface.


The overall objective of this six-week workshop is to initiate a process that can lead to maximizing human potential and create positive transformative change while providing your sales team with pragmatic and powerful tools and training that can add immeasurable value to them and make a compelling impact on anyone they encounter. It will initiate and cultivate creative out of the box thinking and generate fresh approaches to making deeper connections with current prospects and already existing clientele.



1st Session – Week #1

Sowing the Seeds of Self-Awareness

Cultivating a Healthy Mindset & Heartset.

Discovering the correlation of physical, mental, and emotional preparation in relation to the creation of a successful sales process. The brilliant psychoanalyst Carl Jung said, “If you do not go within, you will most certainly go without”. In this session we’ll explore that internal journey to self-validation and belief which is the fundamental starting point to adding value and creating belief in other people. Belief stems from self-knowledge. That knowledge comes from an honest self-reckoning. Self-realization is the first step in the process of assimilation and being able to empathize with others. Transparency around mistakes, failures and insecurities can be “the tie that binds” in terms of connecting to people. Adherence to and growing through the concept of “Trial, Error, Reflection and Correction” as a mantra for personal evolution and facilitating the execution of new ideas into action will be explored and implemented. Self-evaluations and exercises towards sharpening purpose, focus, and belief are all encompassed in this first session.


2nd Session – Week #2

The Mask vs The Face; artifice vs truth.

Digging in the Dirt: Going beyond the surface.

Getting to the heart of the matter. The art of asking quintessential questions. Being genuinely and purposefully curious. Digging for the truth in the dialogue. Empowering instinct and unearthing what lies beneath the surface of the conversation. Unmasking the true face of the issue, and then from there, defining and describing the anticipated challenges and triumphs ahead. Providing hope and creating fellowship. Exercises and improvisations around asking powerful, probing, and provocative questions based on active and empathetic listening. In this second session, the main objective is to explore, discover and put into practice fresh new ways of connecting that lead to cementing a solid foundation for developing and sustaining a trusting and productive relationship to build on.


3rd Session – Week #3

Essential Adaptation & The Magic of “The Magic If”.

Learning the art of adaptation is pivotal (pun intended), to any and every successful endeavor involving communication. That concept is also at the core of the connective tissue of every relationship. The great fighter and philosopher, Muhammad Ali said famously, “Float like a butterfly, and sting like a bee”. In this session interactive role plays and exercises are designed and devoted to the study of creative adaptations. Specific role plays built around real and imagined situations, circumstances, personalities, and behaviors will be identified, examined, played out and discussed in depth.  During this third session we’ll also experiment with another unique tool that’s found in the Emotional Intelligence Toolbox. This is the use of what is known in the theatre as “The magic if”.  This creative notion is in complete alignment with the concept of adaptation. It’s a technique employed by actors and directors to provide variations in the approach to a scene. It supplies communicative options using emotional nuance. For example, whether information is communicated as a warning, a surprise gift, an intimate secret, an urgent message. The idea can be colored with humor, grace, irony or whatever you feel is appropriate depending on the specifics of the situation. Whether your approach is investigative, straight forward, crablike sideways, down home, philosophical, or folksy. Whether you choose to use humor, irony or are more serious and surgical in your approach, including “The Magic If” in your toolbox will enhance your range of self-expression and add layers of tone, color, and craft to your communication skills in general. When used creatively and organically this technique can have a transformational effect on any conversational exchange or repartee. As we like to say in the theatre “Try everything a bird can do to a plane to achieve your objective”. “The Magic if” helps create a visceral response in prospective clients while presenting you with options on how best to approach them depending upon the details and dynamics of each individual personality and/or circumstance. These creative ways and means can be utilized the way a painter can access a myriad of colors on their palette to paint and express themselves with.   



4th Session – Week #4

Putting Passion, Purpose, and Principles into Play; Comprehending and charting the emotional arc of the conversation. Discerning stakes and communicating options.

Passion is the one thing there is no substitute for. It can’t be manufactured or faked. Authenticity, transparency, and a passion to serve and add value to others have a visceral effect and will always generate more influence and make a greater impact than any number of facts figures or statistics. One must be devoted to going beyond competence. Passion produces a visceral response that goes beyond words. Ask yourself if what you’re doing is just a job, a career, or your true calling? In this fourth session we initiate and employ intense discussion and creative exercises geared towards locating, igniting, or re-igniting, fermenting, focusing and empowering personal passion. And how when paired with purpose, principles, and a true desire to serve, permeates the sales process with great impact. A detailed examination of the emotional arc of the sales conversation will be deconstructed and dissected. We also cover the necessity of developing the capacity to draw out stories from prospects. Listening to their stories gives one a perspective and an opportunity to see where you fit into the puzzle and become intentional about how you can help empower, expand, and grow the hopes, dreams, desires, and destinies of everyone you encounter. We also explore and put into practice the ability to clearly communicate what’s at stake for prospects with care, concern, and strategic solution-based thinking, instead of resorting to “tactical attempts” to manipulate outcomes with fear, shame, distress, or guilt.



5th Session - Week #5

Dream Weaving; Divining, Refining and Conveying Stakes. Empowering your prospect. Overcoming objections and negative thinking.

The imperative of shifting mindsets from validating obstacles to embracing challenges. Helping people gain perspective is a game changer! It is extremely consequential that people understand what’s at risk by failing to act, but It’s more important to be able to define and describe clearly, coherently and with impact, what can be gained by acting. Substituting the seller mentality of focusing on what prospects get with implementing the buyer mentality of how it can enhance their lives or what they can become through taking action can bring about an important systemic shift that can transport people out of analysis paralysis and into forward momentum, mobilization and finally accountability. People appreciate advance notice so that they can be preemptive in their decisions. “Forewarned is forearmed” as the saying goes. Knowledge is power which leads to confidence and action. We must become adept at weaving visions and inspiring hope and possibilities rather than dwelling on the fear factors involved in the decision-making process of prospects. Acknowledge the pain and then point the way to the healing. Present the problem and then offer the pathway to the solution. Exercises around visceral vision weaving, presenting challenges and communicating solutions coherently with integrity and insight are all explored in this session.


6th Session – Week #6

The Concept of AIA, Awareness, Intention & Accountability and how this foundational theory ties into the sales process.

Helping prospects identify where they are in this triangle can assist in identifying and bringing clarity to the real challenges they may be confronting moving towards “yes”. It also gives you an authentic guidepost on how far along you are in the process of completing or “closing” the deal. It’s a catalyst to getting to the essence of what is preventing your prospect from moving forward. People start with an awareness which, when powerful enough, can become intentional, but accountability never comes easily. It’s where most people fall through the cracks. They know they need to do something, but fear and trepidation prevent them from stepping out of comfort zones which ultimately stop them from evolving and becoming accountable in their lifetime. In this final session awareness, intention, accountability and having a specific consciousness of where you are in this triangular equation, both personally and professionally, are analyzed and discussed in depth.


The overall objective of this emotional intelligence toolbox training offered through Performance Transformance is to provide your sales team with tools and training that can add immeasurable value to them and make an impact on others. It will cultivate creative out of the box thinking and fresh approaches to making deeper connections with both prospective and existing clientele.



Here are some of the core principles and values we equip, implement, and facilitate with Performance Transformance’s Emotional Toolbox Training:


  • The ability to connect! To themselves and others on a much deeper and more profound level inspiring trust.

  • To create and sustain meaningful relationships by procuring essential adaptational skills to facilitate better communication to help them flourish.  

  • To gain self-awareness, overcome personal limitations and mindset issues (self-imposed or other) to gather increased confidence and credibility. Acquiring personal presence.

  • To have a constant awareness about the emotional arc of any emotionally stakes filled conversation.

  • To step outside existing comfort zones to ensure consistent growth.

  • To encourage and activate, subtextual and dimensional listening.

  • To develop the ability to improvise and be “nimble” in aspects of communication.

  • Drawing out the personal story. Grasping on a visceral level what really motivates people to act.

  • Enhancing preparation through roleplaying difficult conversations, confrontations, and circumstances both real and imagined.

  • To always ask key questions. To be inquisitive probative professionals yet consciously caring individuals.

  • Improvisational exercises and theatre games that are geared towards becoming emotionally nimble and spontaneous. Accelerating the ability to think on your feet, increasing verbal agility.

  • Amplifying subtextual awareness - the art of listening beyond the surface. Recognizing and responding to body language and unspoken cues.

  • Speaking to the heart. How transparency, vulnerability and particular personalization’s enhance and solidify connections.

  • Storytelling with purpose and emotional impact. The trilogy of the P’s theory (the personal to the passionate to the practical) in action.

  • Using the concept of ‘the magic if’ to unlock the power of imagination and creative out of the box thinking.

  • Role-playing difficult scenarios, circumstances, and situations. Practicing the annunciation of value and answering difficult questions.

  • Cultivating the concept of AIA. Awareness, intention, and accountability as a guidepost and foundational point of self-reflection and connection.

  • Exploring and manifesting the 5 Keys to becoming your best professional self. Authenticity, transparency, passion, purpose, and cultivating a message or mission much larger than yourself.

  • Expanding the range of expression in communicating. Creating emotional “hills and valley’s”. Understanding the power of nuance, humor, transitions, pauses, and silences and how to make them speak volumes.

  • Physical awareness and relaxation exercises. Locating where you hold tension in your body and learning how to release it.


This unique training amplifies and delivers the personal and professional development that is required to take your teams skills to an “artistic” next level. Adding these competences ultimately improves and solidifies the confidence level of the participants and their ability to connect one on one or with diverse audiences and to resonate with rare and real emotional impact.


The Performance Transformance Emotional Toolbox Training package can be delivered both in person and/or virtually. Individual and group sessions are available.


Here are a few recent testimonials:


“Richard can add immense value to anyone! Any leader or client who is on the rise. He is a coaches coach, and I am a living witness of that."

—William Jones, AKA Willie J of Pure Mission Entertainment, voted by LA Weekly as the #1 entrepreneur worldwide.


“If you believe you have knowledge or experiences that are worth sharing, and want to bring them to a brilliant fruition, and communicate them with purpose and passion, I don’t believe you can do better than Richard Mover. Working with him is an enlightening and revealing experience."

—Minka Leeser, Published Author & Poet


"I highly recommend the coaching services of Richard Mover. I say coaching rather than communication coaching because he goes beyond developing you as a speaker to developing you as a whole person.  Richard is a highly gifted and talented professional with a wealth of experience which he cleverly packages in straightforward communication, humor, and profound quotes to develop individuals. For years, I struggled… but through Richard’s guidance, creativity, and collaborative endeavors, I was able to get to the root issues… and breakthrough; along the way I discovered so many more strengths I didn't realize I had! None of this would have been possible without Richard's help. I can sincerely say that when working with him, you'll not regret investing in yourself. Thank you very much Richard!”

—Kennde McCrumada, Risk Operations Manager, University of Southern California


 “I found Richard during an inquiry about Coaching, Speaking, and teaching developmental training opportunities. It was right on time since I was headed into a new position that required high-visibility and speaking engagements. I wanted to invest in myself to really hone my experience and skills to be better. Thanks to Richard’s methods, I have been able to tap into things about myself that have helped me to grow and narrow down who I am and where my passion lies. After a year of meeting with Richard, I have grown a lot and continue to improve my gifts and share them. I've learned so much about myself in the last year and a half. I owe the self-introspection to the partnership that I’ve experienced with Richard. I’m grateful for this relationship and I know it is by design that we connected." —Dee Ward, Command Chief, United States Air Force


“His name says it all, Mr. Mover has the power to quickly help you identify your fears and reMOVE them from your heart.  He helped me restore confidence and rebuild courage in just a few weeks. Mr. Mover is worth the investment." —Nilda Jimenez, Literacy Coach, National Personal Training Institute of New Jersey


Please call, text, or email me for more details. I’m happy to answer all questions when we speak. Looking forward to connecting with you soon!


Yours in Significance,


Richard Mover

Founder/ Director Performance Transformance

(917) 318-5408

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