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Leader-Shifting: Inclusive, Collaborative Leadership Training

A 12-week interactive Leadership Mastermind Group facilitated virtually, by award-winning theatrical director and John Maxwell Certified Performance Coach, Richard Mover, focusing on the values and inherent leadership principles expressed in John C. Maxwell’s best-selling book “LEADERSHIFT."

These Mastermind Groups are specifically designed to be impactful on a myriad of levels. Increasing self-awareness, intentionality, and personal accountability while providing an active alternative to inept, ineffectual hierarchal leadership. These immersive and interactive groups deliver pragmatic transformative tools that equip, initiate, and inspire a dramatic and positive change of focus from a positional, hierarchical command and control approach to an inclusive, collaborative, and communicative leadership mindset.

These “Leadershift” mastermind sessions will focus on the following chapters and topics including:

  • Why every leader needs to Leader shift - The Foundational Shift

  • Soloist to Conductor – The Focus Shift

  • Goals to Growth – The Personal Development Shift

  • Perks to Price – The Cost Shift

  • Pleasing People to Challenging People – The Relational Shift

  • Maintaining to Creating – The Abundance Shift

  • Ladder Climbing to Ladder Building – The Reproduction Shift

  • Directing to Connecting – The Communication Shift

  • Team Uniformity to Team Diversity – The Improvement Shift

  • Positional Authority to Moral Authority – The Influence Shift

  • Trained Leaders to Transformational Leaders – The Impact Shift

  • Career to Calling – The Passion Shift

Basic Format:
Through a series of in-depth discussions, individuals are taken on a deep dive into the material and venture forth on an intensive growth expedition intended to help them be reflective, gain self-awareness, spur on motivation and lead forward. Most importantly, to transform the mindset of existing leaders and those with the potential to lead and develop others in their individual settings, industries, organizations, and lives. After setting a few important ground rules, the journey begins. Participants are given the opportunity to express what specifically resonated with them in the chapters and to communicate their thoughts and feelings regarding the values, lessons, quotes, and ideas expressed in the material. Participants are encouraged to take personal stock, re-evaluate rigid thinking and/or habitual behaviors, and be as authentic and transparent as possible. As we delve into the material, the group takes on a life of its own. Participants are emboldened to voice their points of view, have the freedom to tell stories, share experiences, and gather information and inspiration from others in the group that are enlightening and facilitate new ways of thinking and doing. 

These intensive sessions act as a catalyst for rediscovering a sense of personal value, purpose, and passion. During the process, participants often re-ignite the fervor for what they as individuals can truly give of themselves and how best to serve and add value to others. And, of course, by virtue of the synergistic group experience, they get to know and make mutual discoveries about themselves and each other that bond and deepen their relationships. Besides all the benefits and positive changes these workshops can yield individually, they also lead to a much more collaborative, cohesive, and productive work environment in general. 


Dates will usually be provided approximately 30 to 60 days in advance of the 1st session. The required commitment is for the full twelve weeks and is limited to twelve individuals at a time.  



“Richard can add immense value to anyone! Any leader or client who is on the rise. He is a coach's coach, and I am a living witness of that.”
—William Jones, AKA Willie J of Pure Mission Entertainment, voted by LA Weekly as the #1 entrepreneur worldwide.

“If you believe you have knowledge or experiences that are worth sharing and want to bring them to a brilliant fruition and communicate them with purpose and passion, I don’t believe you can do better than Richard Mover. Working with him is an enlightening and revealing experience."
—Minka Leeser, Published Author and Poet

"I highly recommend the coaching services of Richard Mover. I say coaching rather than communication coaching because he goes beyond developing you as a speaker to developing you as a whole person.  Richard is a highly gifted and talented professional with a wealth of experience which he cleverly packages in straightforward communication, humor, and profound quotes to develop individuals. For years, I struggled… but through Richard’s guidance, creativity, and collaborative endeavors, I was able to get to the root issues… and breakthrough; along the way I discovered so many more strengths I didn't realize I had! None of this would have been possible without Richard's help. I can sincerely say that when working with him, you'll not regret investing in yourself. Thank you very much Richard!” 
—Kennde McCrumada, Risk Operations Manager, University of Southern California

 “I found Richard during an inquiry about Coaching, Speaking, and teaching developmental training opportunities. It was right on time since I was headed into a new position that required high-visibility and speaking engagements. I wanted to invest in myself to really hone my experience and skills to be better. Thanks to Richard’s methods, I have been able to tap into things about myself that have helped me to grow and narrow down who I am and where my passion lies. After a year of meeting with Richard, I have grown a lot and continue to improve my gifts and share them. I've learned so much about myself in the last year and a half. I owe the self-introspection to the partnership that I’ve experienced with Richard. I’m grateful for this relationship and I know it is by design that we connected." —Dee Ward, Command Chief, United States Air Force

“His name says it all, Mr. Mover has the power to quickly help you identify your fears and reMOVE them from your heart.  He helped me restore confidence and rebuild courage in just a few weeks. Mr. Mover is worth the investment." —Nilda Jimenez, Literacy Coach, National Personal Training Institute of New Jersey

Please text or email to set up a 15-minute 1:1 call with me. I’m happy to answer any questions and provide more details when we speak. Remember, there are only twelve spots available, so it’s best to book a call as soon as possible. Looking forward to connecting soon!

Richard Mover
Founder/Director Performance Transformance
(917) 318-5408


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