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  • Custom-made, interactive communication skills workshops and seminars for businesses and organizations

  • One-on-One coaching sessions

  • Group coaching sessions

  • Train the Trainer workshops

  • DISC training workshops with role-playing

Leader-Shifting: Inclusive, Collaborative Leadership Training

A 12-week interactive Leadership Mastermind Group facilitated virtually, by award-winning theatrical director and John Maxwell Certified Performance Coach, Richard Mover, focusing on the values and inherent leadership principles expressed in John C. Maxwell’s best-selling book "LEADERSHIFT."  LEARN MORE

Emotional Intelligence Toolbox Sales Training

A six-week immersive workshop with award winning theatrical director & John Maxwell certified creative performance coach, Richard Mover. LEARN MORE

The Transformational Speakers Gym

The Transformational Speakers Gym led by award-winning theatrical director and John Maxwell Certified Performance Coach, Richard Mover creates an opportunity for everyone to practice and “work out” individual communication skills concerns, speaking issues and platforms with a professional performance coach. It also unmasks and inspires the discovery of individual gifts and innate abilities while also getting hands-on help with individual communicative limitations either self-imposed or otherwise. This process provides transformative tools to help individuals annunciate their value with clarity and confidence. It serves as an open space free of judgement, where people at different levels, from diverse backgrounds have the chance to experiment and practice speaking with direct, constructive, and creative feedback. LEARN MORE

Never Stop Winning Workshops UPCOMING FOR 2024

OPTION #1 - A Nine-Week intensive workshop taking a deep dive into the new #1 International best-selling book by acclaimed author, internationally celebrated recording artist, speaker, humanitarian & leadership coach, Mr. Willie J founder & CEO of Pure Mission Entertainment. Recently named the #1 entrepreneur in the USA. LEARN MORE

Facilitating a group training event Atlanta GA, 2019

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