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As a Communication/Presentation Skills consultant specializing in Executive Coaching, my goal is to initiate and hone an individualized cognitive procedure that will help clients achieve Peak Performance. This is accomplished by training individuals, organizations, and businesses using a developmental coaching process rooted in leadership theory, creativity, and mindfulness.

I share pragmatic tools that help individuals gain flexibility and insight so as to overcome limited thinking, address negative mindsets, and work through challenges and blocks that prevent them from reaching their full potential. I train people to be creative problem solvers, to get to the heart of the matter, to communicate directly with clarity, passion, and purpose—to engage, compel, and connect with audiences large and small with the sole intention of creating the best impact possible.


I draw on methodology I’ve developed in my 30+ years of experience as an actor and director in the theater to expand creativity and elevate self-awareness in others. I employ exercises and improvisations developed to expand freedom and range of expression, augment authenticity, encourage transparency, and enhance self-empowerment and personal presence. The purpose is to ensure, encourage, and promote remarkably resonant communication and meaningful ongoing relationships.


My overall objective is to bring awareness, intentionality, and accountability to everyone with whom I work. I pride myself on providing and promoting purposeful thinking that leads to purposeful action. I strive to instill and harness a visceral sense of passion, and nurture an individual style of communicating that inspires confidence, not only in clients, but in everyone they encounter, both personally and professionally. As needed, I create and implement strategic exercises, including role-playing, to help clients deal with any particular situations that may arise. I emphasize the art of active and dimensional listening to develop a heightened awareness of not only what is being said on the surface, but also what is being conveyed unspoken and/or underneath the words, including through body language. I am a huge proponent of creative adaptation, which heightens the ability to respond instinctively, and shift when necessary in reaction to difficult situations and/or personality types. I believe individuals must bring rigor, empathy, and resiliency to every personal and professional interaction or negotiation. I aim to implement positive change by creating a judgment-free atmosphere that allows for and encourages fearless, intentional, and profound Performance Transformance.

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