Richard Mover Founder/Creative Director

"Through working with Richard I learned the difference between informing and inspiring ...his unique process brought me to a place of real confidence.”



  • Surpassing personal limitations, overcoming fear of failure and rejection, defining and dispelling negative mindsets and limited thinking

  • Increasing confidence and personal empowerment

  • Inspiring and activating vs. informing and educating

  • Honing and defining true presence 

  • Communicating with passion, purpose, clarity, nuance, and verbal agility without self-consciousness

  • Ramping up motivation for personal goals and ongoing growth

  • Moving past time management into priority management

  • Improving and expanding your ability to create rapport and build sustaining relationships

  • Avoiding clichés, shattering stereotypes, achieving true authenticity and transparency

  • Developing phenomenal listening skills and a heightened awareness of body language

  • Creating a pathway to living and working through passion and purpose

  • Embracing a process that will fulfill your full potential and help others fulfill theirs


​What’s the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in the future? What’s holding you back? What empowers you? What depletes your energy? Where does your passion live?

Steps in the process:

  • define what you have to give 

  • address and demystify dysfunctional habits and behaviors 

  • highlight personal strengths and weaknesses 

  • distinguish self-perception from self-deception, and other people’s perception of you from how you think they see you; dispel negative mindsets, limited thinking, and personal demons 

  • pinpoint anxieties and their sources 

  • move through fear and avoid self-consciousness 

  • Special focus: discover where mental and physical tension is stored, and how to release and use it productively.


THE HUMAN FACTOR: Relationship Building through Servant Leadership 

Ideal leadership comes from serving (the team at work; friends and relations). How can one best serve? Create and maintain rapport; be truly present; and maintain a servant leadership mentality in every situation. In addition, learn the art of listening: ask probing and direct questions based on active and dimensional listening; pay attention to unspoken communication—the “subtext” of the conversation—and tune into body language. In so doing, become a catalyst for other people’s self-discovery. Then there’s the art of adaptation: the ability to shift in the most creative and confirming fashion to foster the most positive result in any interaction.


THE ART OF COMMUNICATION: Putting Passion and Purpose into Play and Practice

How do you develop your own voice and vision, imbuing your personal passion with a vital sense of purpose to achieve true authenticity? Being able to tell your personal story succinctly, but with impact, can inspire others to tell theirs. Inspiring and activating serves people better than just informing and educating them. Explore the flexibility and range of expression: subtlety and nuance, structure and wording, personal rhythm and flow. Paint images with language, simplify complex ideas. Have clear objectives and intentions in personal interactions, play the positive, give and take. Raise the personal stakes: one can achieve true strength and success by risking vulnerability and failure.



Richard Mover Founder/Creative Director